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A specialist company within the communication industry. Bleeper Services and its subsidiary branch Universal Radio Hire offer a vast experience of technical understanding with a level of service and independent advice that leaves nothing to chance.

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ARM NURSECALL new product!
Ceiling And Remote Equipment (C.A.R.E.) Alarm

State of the art, ideally suited to dementia patients or physically handicapped clients with high dependency. Works in conjunction with ARM2000 radio nurse call system employing Ir/Rf ceiling mounted device in each room.
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C.A.R.E Alarm

SCOPE PAGING new product!
Scope PageTek 3
Fully Programmable 5 or 10 zones.

ARM NURSECALL new product!
HTM COMPLIANT Radio Call Point with Cardiac Pull

Live-Link Movement Sensor
A unique, easy to use unit that's reliable, portable and cost-effective. Reducing risk and maximising safety.

Can alert when a patient:
Leaves their bed.
Leaves their room.
Leaves their chair (With optional sensor pad).
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