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Base Stations

Do you need a KIRK Base Station?

KIRK Base Stations are required for the KWS1500/1500IP, KWS6000 and KWS8000 wireless servers when these are used for KIRK wireless handset solutions. Depending on the model used Polycom KIRK base stations,

  • Deliver reliable robust and secure communications for VoIP and analogue solutions
  • Provide a signal coverage of up to 300 metres radius - depending on local conditions
  • Support the use of repeaters to extend signal coverage
  • Can be deployed outside or in hostile in-door environments - when mounted in approved enclosures
  • Can be deployed in explosive or hazardous areas - when mounted in approved ATEX enclosures

    KWS6000 base stations

    A maximum of 256 base stations can be deployed on a KWS6000 system.

  • Fast and easy installation - it connects directly to the LAN
  • No need for proprietary cabling - it uses standard LAN cabling
  • No external power required - it uses PoE
  • Supports up to 11 simultaneous conversations
  • Signal coverage can be extended by using repeaters - supports up to 6 repeaters

    KWS1500/KWS1500IP and KWS8000 base stations

    The KIRK Base station is used with the KWS1500/KWS1500IP and the KWS8000.

    The base stations must be wired to the server using a single twisted pair up to 2Km in length.

  • Fast & easy installation
  • No external power required - power is provided over the twisted pair
  • 4 simultaneous DECT traffic channels
  • Antenna diversity
  • Signal coverage can be extended by using repeaters