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A specialist company within the communication industry. Bleeper Services and its subsidiary branch Universal Radio Hire offer a vast experience of technical understanding with a level of service and independent advice that leaves nothing to chance.

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HYT TC-3000

Lightweight and compact, TC3000/3600 is a high-tier professional radio. It is known for its powerful functions, reliable performance, excellent water & dust protection and high-capacity Li-Ion battery. TC3000/3600 allows reliable wireless communication for public safety, security guard, government institute, shop, hotel, etc.

Kenwood TK-3000

Slim, thin and light – Kenwood’s TK-2000/3000 is supremely easy to handle and to operate.
Yet this handy compact radio is extremely reliable, meeting the famously tough MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F and G specifications.
With its well-balanced performance, it makes perfect business sense – especially for inventory control and service industry operations.

Hyt TC-620

Incorporating cutting-edge technology, TC-620 is the option customized for users in property management,hotel and service industries. In addition to the versatile functionality, superior audio clarity & strong penetrability easy operation, and high performance-to-price ratio characteristics, the innovative and ergonomic design makes the TC-620 satisfy users’ requirements for communication as well as pursuance for good look.

Entel HX-483

The new improved Entel HX400 Series 2.0 supersedes the 1.0 Series. With its even more robust build and unique new battery technology, the Entel HX Series 2.0 is is a significant improvement and an excellent all round radio for business use. From the compact ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand, to the exceptionally loud audio that enables you to communicate in the noisiest environments, the HX483 UHF radio, positioned as an entry level model, easily outclasses its competition.

HYT TM-600

Product Features

  • Channel Capacity : 8
  • Powerful Audio (12W external speaker)
  • Built-in Scrambler
  • Public Address
  • Emergency
  • Vertex Standard VX-351

    With its easy-to-carry small and compact size combined with powerful Lithium-Ion battery technology, the VX-351 heavy-duty radio delivers the reliable, two-way communications you need for work or recreational use.

    Vertex Standard VX 450 series

    Product Features

  • Optional LCD & keyboard.
  • UHF & VHF.
  • Rugged and compact design.
  • Two Programmable function keys.
  • TR-800 Repeater

    HYT newly launched TR-800 is a compact, extensive specification 45-Watt Base Station / Repeater that enhances your analogue conventional system seamlessly and cost effectively. The radio configuration offers you maximum expansion of communication range without compromising on performance at a low cost.